VSchemaInDev.0 VersionSchema Description
Version: Experimental.0 {VSchemaInDev.0}


The VersionSchema.org project adopted this example for initial specification, XSD and XML documents. The VersionMeta tag is {VSchemaInDev.0} and is a "standard" schema provided by VersionSchema.org. It is a phase + counter type of version schema that defines three linear phases and a single counter for releases within a phase.

Note that this scheme is intended for specifications and schemas only. It is not intended to be used to track tooling or other software developement.



Enumeration type with five possible phases. The change rules for this field are arbitrary (decided by wetware). This is not a waterfall, work may progress in multiple phases, except Abondanded, simultaneously.

Allowed State Transitions


Used to track releases within a phase. Starts at zero when the work product first transitions to the stage, then increments there-after. When the work product transitions from a higher phase to a lower one, the phase counter for that phase continues counting from where-ever it was when work had previously transitioned out. When a work product transitions back to the higher phase, that counter picks-up where it was left off.


All releases will have been subject to some kind of review prior to publishing.